The M.A.D. FLAVOURS winner will walk away with 30 hundred dollar bills ($AUD 3,000) on the night and a host of other prizes.  The criteria the Judges (The Chefs) will be looking for in your act:

  • Creativity – Does your act stand out and is your M.A.D. FLAVOUR better than the rest?
  • Originality – Got FLAVOUR? What’s Your Recipe? If so, show us!
  • Presentation – It’s Melbourne, so dress EXTRA – Your act should show The Chefs that you understand your brand, style and present yourself accordingly!
  • Artistic Talent – Self-explanatory.
  • Use of Stage – Your act should keep the The Chefs engaged by making good/clever use of the stage space!
  • Crowd Engagement – At the end of the day, it all comes down to good taste, and the Melburnian Taste Makers know what’s good and they’ll let you know on the night!  

If you make it through to the final M.A.D. FLAVOURS Competition – Bring your support squad but make sure they register for free tickets here.  


Personality and confidence on stage goes a mighty long way!  Back yourself and let yourself shine!

Fashion Killa – Dress to impress to spark The Chefs’ interest! Presentation is part of your performance. We encourage costumes, outfits and creative attire because this forms part of the assessment criteria by The Chefs.

First Impressions Count – Start your performance with a bang!

Stage – Keep The Taste Makers engaged by making good use of the stage space!

Finish strong!  Leave a lasting impression on the minds of The Taste Makers.

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